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Upcoming Job Fairs in Atlanta
atlanta virtual job fairs
December 10, 2020
9:00 am
If you are looking for a job in Atlanta Georgia this event is one you will not want to miss. Interview with multiple candidates from the cities top employers. Print out multiple resumes, dress your best and land your dream job.
Atlanta job fairs

About Atlanta Job Fairs

Atlanta job fairs tend to attract attention from recruiters and prospective employees alike in a big way – and of course with good reason! Since the time Job Fair Pro has been organizing these Atlanta career fairs, both parties on either side got what each of them wanted; while recruiters wanted to hire easily and quickly while meeting potential candidates face to face, job seekers wanted to meet with recruiters directly and bolster their candidature from the get-go.

Ultimately, these Atlanta hiring events have been very successful in ensuring that these goals are met with ease. That is the reason today we see more and more of these Atlanta job fairs taking place, with ever increasing numbers of recruiters and job seekers.

Tons of Jobs Available in Atlanta

Given Atlanta’s economic stature, among the Top 10 cities in the US and in the Top 20 globally, it comes as no surprise that there are ample jobs in the city. This remains true across multiple sectors, especially logistics, media, finances, hospitality, and air travel.

Whether you are looking for jobs in these sectors or beyond them, you can be reassured that you will find ample opportunities in and around Atlanta. In fact, this is a major reason for which we see so much inward movement of folks into Atlanta from other places since the employment opportunities here are simply staggering.

atlanta virtual job fairs

The Job Fair Pro Edge

Job Fair Pros edge lies in being able to bring so many different recruiters from multiple backgrounds onto a single platform. Otherwise, we end up applying to numerous vacancies often without any perceivable results. In this case, with recruiters as eager and willing to hire as you are to get hired, the enthusiasm on both sides is palpable and therefore, ultimately, things do end up working out as desired.

Over time, Best Hire Career Fair’s edge from the job seeker’s side has also been to get so many of them to attend career fairs like Atlanta hiring events. After all, these candidates are also well aware that these Atlanta job fairs constitute one of the best opportunities for them by far to land their dream jobs.

Tips for Atlanta Career Fairs Attendees

No doubt attending Atlanta job fairs can make a world of difference to the career prospects of job seekers. Having said that, here are some tips which can help you make the most of attending these Atlanta hiring events:

Come with an Open Mind

It is advisable not to come with a closed mind where you are fixated on only one or a few employers/sectors. We know many candidates who came hoping to bag a certain kind of a job in a particular sector and ultimately ended up working somewhere totally different! Not only that, today they are flourishing in places and industries they themselves had not envisioned themselves to be in. That can happen to you as well, so make sure you come with an open mind.

Bring Multiple Copies of your Resume

We mention this quite often and will reiterate yet again – please make sure that you have multiple copies of your resume with you when you come to these Atlanta career fairs. Remember that things may not work out perfectly with the first potential recruiter that you meet; therefore you need to have an open mind (as we just mentioned above!) and not be closed to other offers that may come from different recruiters. For this, of course, you need to have multiple copies of your resume readily available with you!

Come Prepared

These Atlanta hiring events are in many ways like real-life interviews. As and when you meet potential recruiters, you need to give your best shot to ensure they are impressed enough to make an offer. For this, you definitely need to come well prepared. Think of common questions like expected salary, your personal positives and negatives, your work experience so far…prepare yourself mentally for questions like these.

Yes, given the varied industries from which you are likely to find recruiters at these Atlanta job fairs, it is not easy to be prepared for all. Yet, the guiding light is to be prepared with your “story” and the “value-add” that you bring to the table, irrespective of the concerned organization or its industry.

Why You Need to Attend Atlanta Job Fairs

It clearly pays to attend Atlanta job fairs so make sure you sign up and register on Job Fair Pro so that you are alerted on every Atlanta hiring event as and when it takes place.

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